Friday, 17 April 2015

A Moochy Day !

Not a bad day today, bit of this and a bit of that. Vin was doing his chores and I on the computer starting a letter to Australia to go with  the things that we will be sending for Ann's birthday in May.
We didn't go out today, Vin thinks I am still a bit battered and bruised so we stopped in. That's ok, give the stairs time to recover.  :) 
Jane rang up yesterday afternoon n the end, the battery on her phone was giving her a bit of trouble because she couldn't charge it at work like she usually does. She is off today but was going to take her forms etc., to Salford HR dept., about her job. All quite exciting really. She is worried about her dissertation though..hope it goes well for her.  She rang up again on the way home from work last night n her way to get waffles with her friend Jo, so that should cheer her up a bit.
Tonight we are having:
No idea whatsoever. Seems to be a pick and mix series of meals these days. Ah well. 

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