Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lovely Sunny Outing..

Since we were in yesterday we were out today. We decided to go off to Dobbies to get our free coffees for April, and we haven't been this month yet. Vin has just said that it is five weeks since we have been to Dobbies..doesn't time fly really, it certainly doesn't seem that long. 
We had a bit of a look round, I went into the food hall bit and Vin went off to have alook round then he caught me up. Very quiet today, the kids are all back at school now so that makes a difference, all there was was a screaming baby with an ear splitting noisy scream..but they went after a bit so that was ok.  Two really nice medium lattes and a bit of usual people watching.
Bought some biscuits, and a fruits for cheese and Vin went off to buy some of the bread mixes that he likes from there. Took those back to the car and he went back to get a hanging basket for the front of the house, came back with a really nice mixed colour basket of violas which look lovely. 
Jane just rang up as I was going to start this, they had let her go a bit early because she was going to work at Ticketmaster. She was on CT today which she said was an assessment but she thinks she is ok for that one.  It is all getting there bit by bit. Well done Jane. XXX
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer..not sure what yet.
Any veggies that we have left.

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