Thursday, 2 April 2015

Out For A Change!!

Nice little outing this morning. The day dawned bright and sunny looking but still on the cold side.
I had a top to take back to Bon Marche because I wasn't happy with the style, so that meant a trip to maghull. Vin doesn't mind though because it means a nice coffee out at the Costa there. 
Bit of a problem parking in the square there was a bit of a queue, so he dropped me off at the BM and I went in there while he parked, then he caught me up.I swapped the top for a pair of trousers in a smaller size that I usually buy they are a size 14 !!!! I have never had a pair of trousers that size ever!! and they fit too!!! Took a bit of a chance on them because I didn't try them on in the shop..couldn't be bothered, but they actually fit very well
Went to the Costa then for our coffees. I had a skinny de caf latte and Vin had a Soy milk latte with a shot of hazelnut. Lovely sit down in a sofa bythe window.
Jane hasn't rung up yet since her interview yesterday wonder how it went. She has just rung up now..and she has a job!!!! EXCELLENT :) :) 
Well done Jane XXXX
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really, something from the freezer.
Veggies to use up. broccoli carrots and sweetcorn..

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