Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Costa at Home Today !!

No outing today, well we have been out for the last two so we stopped in today. Started off with the ironing mostly of the bedding and other bits and bobs...
Vin rang the insurance company to see if I could get a replacement hearing aid at another firm other than Ormerods, and apparently we can. So we gave it some consideration and decided to go to Specsavers in Formby. Would seem to be the most suitable solution because they are nearer to home and easier to get to. So he rang them up, made some enquiries and made an appointment for the Friday the 8th of May which is k with the insurance company.  When I went down the stairs last week I broke one of the hearing aids in the process goodness knows how I did that, so it is that we are claiming for on the insurance.  I had been considering going to Specsavers anyway for a hearing test, so it's forced my hand really.
Vin's slippers arrived today too. A beautiful pair of Rohde leather ones which he seems pleased with. Got them via Amazon, and the firm sent an email to say they would be delivered between 12.30 and 1.30 and at a quarter to one the doorbell went. Very good delivery that was. 
Also had a phone call from one of the A&E doctors at Aintree to say they were reviewing my CT scans etc., and just to let me know that I did have two little fractures of the bones in my neck/top of spine, and was I aware of that. They had explained that when I was in actually and Jane and Vin were more aware than I was. Doesn't reqquire any treatment just leaves a sore back for a few weeks. Well aware of that thankyou.  Good of them to ring though.
Another lovely sunny day today, Vin is presently out in the garden doing a bit of mooching before we have our teatime coffee. 
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy
Carrots and sqquash, and a bit of broccoli for Vin.

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