Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday...

Well it's cold and wettish and a grey day so it must be a Bank Holiday. Correct, it always seems to rain on good friday. Nothing moving outside anywhere and nobody seems to be doing much. Not that you would be in the garden on a day like today.
We stayed in today because we don't tend to go out on a BH. Vin did some sorting out and I had a mooch on the computer, otherwise we didn't do a lot at all. Oh apart from Vin nearly setting fire to outside with the hot ashes which burst into flames. Luckily they were in the yard and he was able to dash out and drown them with water!! Another Bank Holiday Barbecue..a bit of an in joke in our house because the last time that happened the ashes were at the bottom of the garden and the neighbours thought we were having a barbecue!!!!
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls 
Spaghetti in tomato sauce
Chips or potato croquettes
Any veg left over
mushrooms for Vin

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