Monday, 20 April 2015

An Outing...

Went out today for a little outing which was nice. I* had an appointment to go and get my hair cut this morning..baqdly needed too I mi9ght add.. The ends were so straggly it looked terrible. So, rang up on friday and got an appointment at The venue for 12-15 today. Got there on time after a little bit of drama about my socks. Vin had put my socks in the wash and I had to find another pair and the only pair I had were horrible brown stripey ones. They went straight into the bin when I got home :) :) :) 
Anyway, got to the hairdressers on time in the end, and Charlotte did my hair beautifully, a really nice bob, which makes it look better by miles and makes me feel better too. Vin went off to the library just up the road to take some of his books back. He usually gets loval history books from there, we don't go to the one in Crosby any more really because there is a parking fee now which is a bit mean.
When he picked me up we went off to the Costa in Tesco for a coffee. Mmmm lovely. I had a medium skinny latte and he had a soya milk latte and we shared a packet of wafer biscuits. Had a lovely sit down watching what was going on, actually it was quite quaiet the kids have gone back to school now after the Easter break so none running round. He left me with the end of my coffee and he ran round with a basket to get a few veggies. I have an appointment at Aintree tomorrow at the renal dept., so won't be able to get anywhere, so killed two birds with one stone so to speak. He only spent £4 and got a good spread of things too.
Beautiful day today..sun is shining and it was quite warm, he had the air con on in his car today for a change from the heater. I had my big coat on but have brought my lighter one down for tomorrow.  He has hubng the washing out too and it should dry quite nicely in this sun.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza for Vin with a green salad
Pasta salad with spinach and pine nuts.
I might have a poached egg on toast. Or a baked potato.

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