Thursday, 16 April 2015

Yay Hair Wash...

Hooray..Hairwash day !! After the trouble at the weekend I had a superglued lump at the back of my head and was told not to wash my hair for five days. Well the days were up today so I could at last wash my hair. What a difference.. I hate my hair not being washed, normally do it every other day and it was in need of washing anyway when I banged my nonce.  Vin washed it for me this morning very carefully but to be honest not a lot of the glue has come out yet. Maybe next time. I have also rung up to make an appointment to get a hair cut  Monday morning at 12.15, so that will make it look better.
He has been doing a lot of vacuuming this morning,Mostly the hall and stairs and it is now on the list to get a new stairs landing and hall carpet, the one we have at the moment is quite old and needs replacing.
I ordered a new umbrella stand to replace the one my head went into!!!it is a ceramic purple floral one so will make a bit of a change too.
Lovely smell of bread coming up the stairs. Vin has made a beautiful sourdough loaf which is now baking happily in the oven. Mmmm.
Tonight we are having:
Chilli slice for Vin,
Mashed potato and swede for us both
Poached egg for moi to go with. 

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