Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Achin All Over...

As the song goes! HaHa . Vin says I am developing some nice bruises on my back now..battle scars eh! The only thing I really want to do is wash my horrible hair and get it cut, but have to wait till the cut has healed a bit. Patience woman.
Vin rang the insurance company to see if I was covered for a hearing aid which was broken in the fall..turns out that I am so that is good. What we now have to do is arrange for a hearing test and get it organised.  The whole thing is broken, with just little wires exposed!! You do wonder what you pay for sometimes. The technology I suppose.
Vin had a bit of a rant at me yesterday..don't blame him really..my fault causing trouble, but he is ok today, seems back to his lovely self.
So, not really going anywhere for a while, at least not until I am presentable. HaHa.
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all. Something from the freezer, and a few veggies.

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