Wednesday, 15 April 2015


That's me. Well I cant go anywhere till my hair looks at least presentable.So Vin gets up and toddles off to Homebase and Tesco and I have a fiddle on the computer. 
He was back in time for coffee...just... and we had that late really. Our routines are all to pot these days. My fault because I don't get up early enough, so everything is later. Wish I was ne of those people who jumps out of bed when they wake up, but never been like that. Jane isn't either, she is more of a night person too.  Trouble was I was reading my book till a bit late last night trying to finish it but didn't get there yet. It is a really good book by John Grisham.. Sycamore Row and is quite a long book. Very nearly at the end though, maybe finish it tonight.
Wonder if I can wash my hair tomorrow? Certainly hope so, I still have this great wad of superglue at the back. Grrr. What a stoopid thing to do go flying down the stairs.  Got away with it luckily though apart from some battle scars.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure again.
Maybe something with mashed potato because we have one in the fridge.

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