Monday, 13 April 2015

What a Numpty !!

Saturday morning dawnwd as normal. Got up to go along the landing to go to the bathroom, and the next thing I know I am at the bottom of the stairs going "Ow". Fell the full length of the stairs, hitting a pottery umbrella stand at the bottom and cutting the back of my head quite badly. :(  Vin called for an ambulance which arrived quite quickly . Two absolutely lovely ambulance paramedics arrived,Chris and John, checked me everywhere, checked the stairs, and said because of the cut to the head I had to go to hospital..Aintree. Complete with one of those head and neck supports very uncomfortable by the way.. They contacted Aintree.. because it is a major trauma apparently..and I was shisked in strraighaway when we got there.. Checked everywhere again, sent off for C.T. scan head and neck. Good news..I still have a brain :). Waited..that was clear except I have a fracture in one of the bones in my neck!!  So, sent off for another scan of spine in case. Xrays of chest and abdomen..assorted bloods etc., Upshot kept in overnight. Scraped the skin off the front of my shins so packs and packs of steri-strips and plasters, and a big cut on my back more steri-strips. 

Yesterday, seen be the Occupational therapist..remember this is Sunday..and a Physiotherapist. Everybody really really lovely. O.T. is arranging for a visit at home for things like grab rails in the the bathroom and P.T. arranging for a walink frame  !!!!!.

Suddenly I have turned into this little old woman. :) :) which I aint :)  One of the lovely young doctors had my blood pressure checked sitting down and the standing up and it seems that when I stood up it dropped remarkably..the nursie said you had better sit down before you fall down :) She thinks that might be the problem. After years of having high blood pressure I now have low BP. You can't win can you. Also the weight is an i9ssue again after years of being overweight I'm now underweight :) don't mind that though!

Poor little Jane was very worried, but she has the medical knowledge about the bones now..Lovely part, she arrived on Saturday afternoon which made my day really.

Nice bonding time for her and her Daddy too.  God Bless our N.H.S. and all who work in her.
 So, I'm officially a little old lady :) :) And, officially a Numpty. Very very could all have been so different. 
Stopping in today,well since I have a great big superglued patch on the back of the head, I  for one am not going out till my hair is washed and can't NO Way Jose!!
Vin went off to crosby this morning to get his car serviced. I had to promise not to go wandering aabout!! Any he was back in about three quarters of an hour. Then the OT person rang and asked how I was getting on..and what my height and weight was for a frame!! Oh God, now a little old lady!! 
Then the garage rang and  said the car was ready so he went for that just before lunch, so off he went. Collected his car..washed and valeted and called in at Sainsbury's on the way back to get a few veggies. Busy morning in our house then.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy,
A few veggies.

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