Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Lets Make a Loaf !!

Nowhere in particular to go today so stopped in. The weather is a tad iffy an6yway.Very cold still and it is the first of April today too. (Hares and Rabbits) ! I wonder why we say this on the first day of each month? It is still blowy but not as much, and it is now rainy.  Hope our Jane isn't getting wet on her journey to Salford where she has an interview today at 1 o'clock. Wonder how she has got on.
Vin made a nice loaf this morning..pumpkin bread in the bread machine and finished it off in our own loaf tin in the oven. The bread looks gorgeous, you can see the pumpkin seeds in it and the whole house smells just gorgeous. It must be ne of the most appetising smells there are, apart from fresh coffee. 
This isn't the loaf he made today but one very like it.
Had our coffees in today therefore, we both had Americanos and Vin had his with a milk pod which looked lovely. 
Tonight we are having:
Pasta of some sort,
Cheese sauce
Veggies butternut squash goes well,
Mushrooms for Vin.

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