Friday, 10 April 2015

Up and At Em !!!

Well up a bit earlier today which makes a change. Things have been a tad difficult in our house for about a fault.. poor Vin has been an angel.  Because of things happening during the night with me. Picking up a little bit today I think, and not before time either! Vin is trying his best to get me to take some nourishment he says..what he means is fatten me up!
Jane hasn't rung up yet today, probably will later. Vin has been out in the garden fixing his shed door which had warped. At least he thought it had but then he found out that it was the shed not the door! So solved the problem by sawing a bit off here and there, and getting it straight. Tok him quite a lot of the morning in the end though. :) Bless him. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really these days. My appetite isn't good but Vin still wants a good meal. Last night he had a really nice pasta bake in the good ofr you range from Waitrose, with a bit of garlic bread.
It is up to him what he fancies tonight!!

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