Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Woke up really early this morning before the alarm went off actually. I had an appointment at Aintree for a renal clinic. Had to cancel the last one because of the gastric problem so this was the replacement, at 10.15. Left the house on time today, didn't leave it late like we did yesterday..hate being late for anything, always have done. 
Got there and was sent straight round to the clinic, waited a few minutes then called in for the blood pressure, weight and sample tests, then wait again. Not too long, then a nice little chinese Doctor called my name and I went in. Vin went off to move his car in the car park.  Quite hard to understand her, I had to keep saying sorry, pardon etc., but got there eventually.  Kidney function stable, blood pressure a bit low..makes a change! and she was worried about the weight issue.  Really makes me laugh that does,all my life I have spent trying to get slimmer and lose weight, now they are concerned because the weight is low! Grrrr.You can't win. Anyway she wanted another blood test done, so we had to go round the corner for that. Was expecting a long wait, but wasn't too bad actually only waited about ten minutes or so. My little friend jennifer did the bloods, she must be getting used to me by now!
Out in good time for a coffee, I had it in mind to go to the Costa by the Maplins where Vin wanted to go anyway. It is on the same retail park, so we went off there.  Nice Costa too, a specially built one and plenty of seating. We had medium Cappucinnos each which was very good too, I haven't had one of their cappucinnos before so made a nice change. Lovely cocoa imprint of coffee beans on top, wish I had taken a photo of them to put on here but the battery was low on my phone. Will have to have another sometime HaHa.
Home after Vin had nipped into Maplins for the things he anted. 
Beautiful sunny day again today,reaal Spring weather at long last. The blossom trees are out in full force, the hedges are greening up and the rape seed was a lovely bright yello on the way home.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with a cheese sauce,
 Garlic bread for Vin.
Veggies to go with.

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