Friday, 24 April 2015

Short and Sweet Today...

Very short and sweet today, mainly because we haven't done anything much really. we stayed in today because we have been out a few times this week, so had our coffees at home this morning. 
We are still waiting for a delivery of an umbrella stand which we ordered through Amazon. Bit slow actually since it has been ordered for quite a while. I ordered a pair of slippers from Amazon earlier than that, and they arrived within two days! and they sent emails about the delivery times too.  Vin is really pleased with them too, lovely leather ones by Rohde.
I was trrying to do some of the letter to AAnn in Australia for her birthday, but am stuck for something to write about. Tend to write in bits and pieces when I get a few minutes so tends to be a bit disjointed. 
Started off sunny this morning, but has gradually become more evercast as the day has progressed, now looking quite grey. We haven't had much rain lately so maybe it will rain later. 
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all

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