Thursday, 9 April 2015

Here I Am Again!!

Yep here again. Not done my blog for a few days, mainly because I have had another of the blockages that have plagued me for a whie now.Haven't a clue what is causing them it doesn't seem to matter what I eat either. Oh Well, never mind.
Jane has been ringing up each day with her news. The biggest snippet of news is that she has a job!!! :) :) Well done our Jane, I am really proud of you.The job is at Salford Royal which is where she wanted to go, it is to be a major trauma hospital for Manchester apparently so that is the area she is keen on. Also they take children which she likes. So she is well happy, apart from all the work she has yet to do. Not that long now sweetheart.
Vin has been a saint yet again, up aand down stairs doing his tending to moi. I hope he isn't wearing his legs out!! Nice day today, so he is n the garden looking after his plants. He has some begonias and some hellibores that he is taking care of. Shame we don't have room for a greenhouse, that would be easier but we just don't have the space. 
Tonight we arehaving:
Not sure really, My appetite has gone, but Vin is getting himself some nice meals, so it will be what there is in the freezer or fridge probably.

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