Friday, 19 December 2014

A Busy Morn9ng...

Well it was a busy morning in the end. i wanted to take back something that I had bought online from the Bon Marche in Maghull so it was a plan that we woukld go there. Firstly Vin had to finish doing the Christmas parcel that we had got for jane to cheer her up a bit over the festive season. We had boight her some things that she will use hopefully, and some treats and Vin had a box that he had got from the post office which was perfect for putting everything in. he is fantastic at putting a parcel together he wraps thing far farr better than I do.It has been sent by courier so it is guaranteed delivery the next day and cost an arm and a leg but never mind.
So, off we went to maghull. The square was busy so Vin dropped me off at the entrance and went off to find a car space. i changed my item very quickly and got a refund, then went into the card shop next door. very reasonable cards there. Vin caught meup outside and I was wilting a little bit for some had a bit of a breather in the car and we set off on stage two. i went into Superdrug and got my bits and bobs. Then we went to Costa which was heaving. There  se3emed to be half of a school in there. It was really funny because it was like being back in the dinner hall in school!! They were lovely girls  though, really nice all swapping presents .Bless!
Tonight we are having:
Maybe sausage rolls
Leftover v3eggies. 

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