Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Done and Dusted!!

Christmas been and gone. All over bar the shouting or so they say. Boxing day today, and apparently people are off to the sales sad people!
We had a nice christmas day. Didd miss the little cats but they were with us in spirit. Very nice Christmas dinner..we had:
Southern fried escalope Quorn
roast potatoes,
baby carrots, sweetcorn for Vin, Maple glazed parsnips
gravy, bread sauce and cranberry sauce.
Our pudding we had later with Downton. That was a brownie with raspberries and a boozy cream with brandy.
Jane rang up on her way to her friends house for her dinner, and then later to say she had come home, had a god day and was stuffed. So glad she had a good day there. She is working today at ticketmaster, but finishes at nine so not too bad.
Vin bought me a lovely oak photo frame quite a large one so we will have to decide which photos to put into it, and I bought him an Emma Bridgewater mug with Barista written on it and his initials on the bottom. he seems quite pleased with that. At least it's something he will use.

Miss you Jane. I hope 2015 will be a great year for you, you deserve it.

And Bobby...

And little Rusty. We certainly didn't think that she would be gone before Christmas.

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