Monday, 22 December 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

Well, the hustle and bustle of it is anyway. We went off to Waitrose in formby this morning to get a few things in that we wanted like frozen raspberries etc., we had coupons for money off things and a £5 off £50 so we went armed with those.
To be honest it wasn't looking good when we got to the car park to find loads of cars trawling round the car park, so vin dropped me off at the front, and he went off to find a space. Actually he was very quick and caught me up inside by the veggies.   Very luckily we got some veg with a long sell by date on them so it doesn't look like we will need to go out again for them. great! That part of Waitrose was heaving but then it started to even out a bit and we got round really well in the end. We got everything on his list, and some extras (of course!) You wouldn't think it was just a two day holiday judging by the amount of stuff that was flying off the shelves. At least we have all that we need for our christmas dinner now, so that was good.

We stopped for a free coffee which was a really nice Latte and surprisingly the cafe wasn't too busy either, quite a few tables available. So that was a nice breather.
Vin went off to get the few frozen things that we needed and then we went through the checkouts. Nice lad came round with a tin of Quality Street to offer us one while we were waiting. Bet you don't get that in Aldi!!!
Out by neish and home then in ten minutes or so.
What i would call a very  successful morning really. 
tonight we are having:
Pizza with a salad fir vin
maybe a baked potato for moi or an egg on toast.

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