Monday, 15 December 2014

A Little Mooching...

Off we went this morning to Dobbies for a coffee and a bit of a look round.Weather was quite nice, cool but not frosty or rainy, at least until we came home then it started to sleety rain.
I wanted to have a look at Christmas cards but they didn't have any that were suitable. I like to get my cards in the january sales for next year anyway. You can usually get them half price then. 
Saw a nice frame for little Rusty's photograph there but vin said they hae them in B&Ms for apound!!!! No way am I going to put Rusty in a cheap frame!!!!
very busy there today, quite a few people in the cafe part, but we got a good table and Vin went off to get his coffees. came back with a large latte for him and an Americano for moi. little bag of honey bun biscuits which were nice, tiny squares of shortbread with fruit in. 
Did a bit of shopping then, bought some things from the food hall and Vin got his vouchers for extra pobts so that was good. Only trouble was that he went to pay then when we got home he discovered that  the frame wasn't there, so he rang them and they found it so will keep it for us.Bit of a pain though.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with a salad 
Baked potato for moi.

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