Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Such a Good Shopper...

Well, he has turned into an excellent shopper my Vin has! He makes his list before he goes out which is something I never diod, and he makes sure he gets everything on it. Then over the time i have encouraged him to think beyond that, so he gets the extra things nowadays. He went off to Tesco this morning via Homebase because he wanted to get a new lampshade and take some of the drain things back that he bought the other day. it's money off on a Tuesday for over 60s so that saves dosh on the lampshade too. Well done. 
Then off to Tesco. he had a voucher for £6 off £40 which is it has to be said a good deal, so he knew what to look out for. He came back with all sorts of things, 2 boxes of decent mints for example which were on offer, a big box of wash tabs for £6, plus our veggies for the week, and two bottles of very nice wine. one a Chablis my favourite, and the other a  nice white for consuming over the new year.  Very well done Vin XX
Home in time for coffee, we have a great stock of tassimo discs, more than Tesco i suspect, haha. :)
Tonight we are having:
Quorn cottage pie with gravy,
Carrots broccoli and green beans.

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