Friday, 5 December 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas in our house today. Vin got the trees out of the shed yesterday, and the one out of the cupboard in the bedroom  this morning. We have three trees. One in the front room so that it can be seen through the front window, one in the middle room  where we are most of the time for us in the afternoons and evenings, and the third in the extension which we use in the mornings and the evenings at dinnertime.  So there are quite a lot of decorations to put on them. The ones above the fireplace i particularly like, it always makes the room look cosy somehow and really Chrristmassy. 
This was last year's, but it is the same this year, except for the Christmas cards, so far we have only had two.  Vin is putting everything back in the right place now which is nice. he did get a little tiny bit grumpy this morning, but I don't blame him I must be a pain, plus we are both missing little Rusty like mad.  It just isn't the same without her and Bobby chasing the baubles etc.,
Tonight we are having:
Quorn fillets with a white wine and mushroom sauce
Rice or pasta. 

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