Monday, 29 December 2014

Baking Day!!

Quiet day today, we stayed in mainly because we are going to see jane tomorrow over in manchester. She was having a tidy up today, ho-pe it wasn't especially for our benefit.
Did a bit of baking today for a change. I had got all of the ingredients for a chilli slice that she klikes so we did that this morning. Made two, a big one for her which will probably do four meals. and a smaller one for Vin which will do him two meals. They look quite tasty and it's ages since I made those so a good idea i think.
Cold today but not frosty anymore, there was frost on the shed roof this morning but it has gone, at least it isn't snowing. We did have a bit on boxing day but it didn't last long.
This is a fountain in the garden covered in snow, just to prove it did snow for a while.
Our front door. I like this one. The door is actually darker blue than this but the light makes it look paler i think. The wreath is from the garden centre over the by pass, the little one and looks really nice this year. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vi, with sweet chilli noodles
Poached egg for moi.

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