Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Review Day..

Comes round with monotonous regularity they do.You start to get little reminders on the bottom of the prescription forms and then larger ones and then Vinstarts nagging although he says he doesn't. So you can't put it off any more and make the appointment.
Mine was for eleven this morning, got there a wee bit early, and went in a wee bit late. nice blokie, never seen him before but quite nice, yungish. He went through my medications and i mentioned that i was tired al the time and no energy. he said it wasn't surprising because of all of the medical problems and that I was anaemic etc., and said to try a mi9ld anti-depressant!!!! Me with anti-depressants!!! Oh well, worth trying he said. 
We3nt from there to Dobbies, mainly because we had to collect the photo frame that was left behind on monday.Collected that, Vin got a few things that he wanted, and I had a bit of a look round. Had a nice coffee and biscuits in what was a very busy cafe area. seemed to be quite a number of groups in today, must be Christmas outings.
Tonight we are having:
Possibly pasdta of some sort, maybe with a cheese sauce,
veggies. carrots broccolii etc.,

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