Wednesday, 10 December 2014

An Outing!!

A horrible day today weatherwise. it was blowing a gale last night according to Vin. i didn't hear anything because as soon as I take my hearing aids out I'm dead to the world.He said the wind was whistling down the chimney at about half past oneish. 
We had decided to go for my blood test at Aintree this morning, because it was due from the renal clinic. Still blowing a gale and very squally rainy weather on the way. He parks in   a drop off point just outside the building, which is great because I don't have to walk that far from the car park. It gives you twenty minutes so he c9omes up with me to see how busy it is. Luckily today there was only one man waiting so I went in really quickly, and we were out well within the twenty minutes.
Off to M&S after that to have a cffee and a tiny mooch. Very nice coffees, Americanos for both of us, the only thing wrong was that we were sat under an air ventilator that was blowing out cold air. it was freezing, so when two ladies moved from the table at the end we went there. Much better.  Had a little moch in the food dept., and got some things for xmas, like a nice christmas coffee..what6 else!! and a couple of things for Jane. I want to send her a bit of a Christmas parcel since she won't be coming home for Christmas this year as she is working.Aaaah the house is going to be quiet without her this year. 
One downer of going out was that when we arrived home, there was no little Rusty coming out of her hidey hole to greet us. it was horrible, we really really miss that little cat. 
Beautiful little Rusty, she would come out and greet you with a little chirrup and follow you into the kitchen. What a shame.
Funny thing, when I got back we got a phone call to ask whether I had been for a blood test!! I was able to say that we had just gone that morning to Aintree and the woman said that was a co-incidence wasn't it. 
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce.
A bit of garlic bread for Vin,
Carrot batons to go with and maybe some butternut squash.

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