Monday, 8 December 2014

What A Weekend!!

Well it was for poor Vin. Saturday afternoon he noticed that the drains outside were leaking somewhat into the yard, and the water wasn't clearing away as it should. he had been outside most of the afternoon putting some christmas lights up, especially over where the cats are. he had said I'm not having my Rusty without some nice lights. Well one of the strands was awkward because the bulbs weren't working soit was well dark when he began on the drain. he was out there in the cold, and dark and miserable weather but nothing doing.  Sunday morning he rang the helpline of our insurance which is LV and they said they would contact a drain clearing firm and they would ring back. in fact, quite quickly after that phone call the man arrived mid morning  from Metro Rod.  Vin said he wasn't hopeful at first but then he got going with hhis plunger thing, and got it leared, so the water was running freely. Phew!!! that was a load off our minds. Poor Vin was very tired last night, he didn't get much sleep the night before for thinking about what to do. but, mr Fixit does it again!!
Today i did three Christmas cards for the girls in Australia. nice cards from M&S I bought in the January sales last year, Vin did the addressing and i wrote the cards, sealed them and he took them off to the P.O. £2 each to post!!! That's a disgrace, no wonder the P.O. is losing business and money! 
Since we weren't going out today we did the bedding so that's all nice and fresh. he will sleep well tonight!
Jane rang up after lunch in a bit of a fix. Her bank..horrible NatWest !! have reduced her overdraft by eight hundred pounds so all she had in the bank was £42 and her rent was due tomorrow or this week, so she was asking for a loan. I don't mind that, she works so hard, so I have just transferred that into her bank for her. At least obnline banking is easy to do!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza for Vin, no salad because he couldn't go out yesterday,
Apoached egg for me i think.

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