Thursday, 11 December 2014

What a Surprise...

We stayed in today. Number one it was a horrible day with wind and rain and some hailstones too. Number two I waspecting a delivery from my health supplier bullens, so we had actually planned tostop in anyway. Bullens came on the dot of eleven as they usually do, and then I had a delivery from QVC with some creams that I had ordered the other day as well.They came quickly I do have to say.
One thing that we did today was the little letter/note that I put in with the christmas cards, Vin very cleverly put a picture on it for me too which is nice. 
I used this one which is nice and christmassy, and one of my favourites. 
Mid morning coffee this morning at home, was an Oreo one for Vin and a macchiato for moi. Both lovely. then by this time the post had come, and I had a white envelope which didn't look familiar. Lo and behold it was from Chat magazine. I had won £1001 pounds in a crossword. Funny thing was I had only said this morning that it was about time that we won something, and here we are. Vin is dividing it up in his head of course into three. Cheek!!! He says that little Rusty has sent it for us to cheer us up. What a nice idea.
Tonight we are having:
Broccoli and Cheese escalope.
Cheese potato croquettes,
Butternut squash andcarrots etc.,
hollandaise sauce.

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