Friday, 12 December 2014

A Change of Plan...

Well we were going to go out this morning but we did have a change of plan in the end. first thing was that we got up a bit loate, and Jane had rung up on her way to work so that meant we didn't get going. the plan was to go over to Dobbies and then call in at Waitrose on the way back to get a few frozen things but never mind. The other thing that decided us was the weather, we looked out of the window and it was horrible, wet and rainy looking so we stopped in.
I did ring up about my medication review and made an appointment for next Wednesday at eleven o'clock. vin has been nagging me about this for an age so that's done anyway. Then I sat down and started doing the Christmas cards and worked my way through those. Will finish the rest tonight, there's not too many to do now anyway. Vin was outside dodging the rainy spells trying to fix the lights over where the cats are, so they have two strands of lovely white lights where Bobby and little rusty are. Gosh we miss them, just being around really. And, being on the bed in the morning, they were very good alarm clocks!
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer, maybe sausage rolls,
potato croquettes or chips,
Any veggies left over.

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