Thursday, 18 December 2014


Got up a bit late this morning for some reason, we both seemed to sleep quite soundly last n8ight. Vin says I woke up early in the morning and said "I'm sure I heard the doorbell!" he said there wasn't a doorbell, and I wouldn't have heard it anyway. True!! Anyhow we both went back to sleep after that so that's probably whjy we were latish. Doesn't matter actually because we weren't going anywhere.
Vin went off to the garden entres over the way. He wanted to get some bulbs for the lights before they were put away. It's actually quite difficult to get bulbs nearer to Christmas. He also went for a wreath for the front door. i told him not to get anything too common and garish lookng, and he came back with a beautiful one. really nice, holly and greenery and a bit of nice tasteful red ribbon. Good choice Mr M.
Vin is wrapping some of Jane's things for her parcel this afternoon. I wanted to get her some stuff for Christmas so she would get a bit of festive cheer. Poor kid is working on Christmas Day and New year's day too which is a shame.I really admire the way she is coping. yesterday she was up at six, off to the hospital for her placement, then left at half past four and drove to Ticketmaster where she was on till ten o'clock. Only trouble was, she rang me at fiveish on her way to Ticketmaster and she was stuck in traffic. gridlocked traffic nothing moving, so instead of parking under the building which she usually does she had to park in the further away cr park and walk, then walk back again at half past ten. then home to bed and up again at six this morning!! Bless her. XXX
Tonight we are having:
Something fronm the freezer,
A few veggies,
potato croquettes
Sauce of some sort.

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