Thursday, 4 December 2014

Little Rusty Robin...

Vin has been out in the garden a bit over the last couple of days, and he has been nurturing a little robin who comes near him when he is out there. I said that it was sent by little Rusty to keep him company. just a flight of fancy really. nice idea though. it perches on the fence and he feeds it little bits of bread. Aaah! Today he had some soup for his lunch, and i had a slice of my bread with cheese spread on it, with the crusts cut off. he chopped these up into tiny pieces for it..what a softie. 
Very sad news on the television just now. on tuesday evening a young mother walked out of a hospital in Bristol with her four day old baby in her arms wrapped in a blanket. the police had reported that they were very concerned for her well being, and it has just been confirmed that her body has just been found in a gorge near Clifton or thereabouts. What a terrible tragic story, always 

seems worse at this time of the year, when new babies should be such a happy event.
jane rang up at coffee time, talking about her night shift last night which she seemed to enjoy.Jane is very much a night bird so I think the hours would suit her to a T.  She liked the staff she was on with, and that is always half the battle with our jane.  i am so proud of her and the way she is coping with all of the work and the job she does at ticketmaster as well. XXX
Tonight we are havibng:
Something from the freezer.

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