Tuesday, 23 December 2014

If We Haven't Got It Now...

We never will!! We must have everything we need for the two of us to have a nice Cgristmas. We have the food, the trimmjings, all of the decorations up,crackers (last year's) so the stage is set. 
Vin went off to Homebase this morning then to Tesco for a couple of wextra things. he wasn't out long and was back well in time for his coffee which was nice. he said it wasn't busy actually, and the Costa was really quiet!!! Grrr., Why is it that when he goes on his own it is quiet, but when I go with him it is mad busy? 
he did bring me back a beautiful bouquet of foliage today which is lovely. it smells of pine and christmas trees and has some really nice silvery glittery cones in it. Lovely. XX
We got a letter from Janet and Tony this morning with a USB of their photops of their visit to us the August before last.  A beautiful surprise was there were a couple of pictures of our little Rusty and bobby on there too. Rusty was gorgeous because it was before her eye was bad too. I will post some of the pics when I have figured out how to do it. Wish i was more computer savvy really, some people find it so easy.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy
carrots and maybe broccoli for Vin. 

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