Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Little Outing!!

We had planned today to go out for a bit of a mooch out. Vin had to change some lights he had bought from homebase which had broken lights on them. He reckoned about 20% of them had gone so that wasn't very good was it! Anyway we went there first and i waited outside listening to Joni mitchell singing a beautiful version of "Both sides now" on the car radio, while he went in. he came back with a Homebase gift6 ca4rd because the lights had been bought on the Nectar pointsbut he got all of the money back so that was ok. 
Then to Tesco over the road. Parked right outside the front, very quiet at the moment. He had a diary to take back there because the inside pages had fallen out!!! Made in China obviously. he says he has a technique for taking things back now, he makes a bit of a joke..like he didn't say anything to the girl in Tesco and when she opened the diary the pages dropped out!! so he said the man with the glue must have been off that day and she laughed. Job done. Money back..and he got one cheaper in Home and bargains so he was wel pleased!
Did our shopping, not a lot to get actually, just some fresh veggies and bits and bobs, then we went for a nice Costa. Really quiet in there with loads of spaces. The thing about Costa is that anyone goes in there from really old couples to young families, seems to cater for everyone.  I had a skinny latte medio and Vin had a Soya latte with caramel medio. Very pleasant.
This was my Christmas present to vin this year. very appropriate since he is either in Costa or making oyur coffees on the Tassimo machine. he seems to like anyway. It is an Emma Bridgewater mug which was personalised, and best of all british made!!  mine from him was a lovely photo frame with spaces for ffour photos which I have yet to choose. 
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy and mixed vegies.

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