Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mini Outing!

A little mini outing today. The plan was to go over to the garden centre on the bypass and get a present for our John to send off for his birthday. We didn't get going till late because we were actually waiting in for a parcel from Lakeland. Vin had tracked it on the Hermes website which is great, and found that it had been picked up by the courier at 9.30 so we knew it would be on its way. It did actually come later on in the morning so he was right. Good delivery time. Plus the postman brought yet another parcel for our neighbour! She is certainly having an online shopping fest!!!
So  then it was off to the garden centre. Had a good look at the books, and got one about Lancashire which is not too heavy and a nice birthday card to go with. Didn't linger long there and then went along the bypass to Tesco to get a Costa. Not too busy, but we started off at a table because our bench seats were occupied.  Why do people talk so loudly when they are on their mobile phones? There was a woman at one of the tables who was really nearly shouting. very irritating! Anyway, she moved so we went over to her table where Vin and I can talk together. He had a Soya milk Latte and i had a skinny latte. Lovely. Then he had a little list of things to get so left me with a paper and off he went to get those.
 Home to a nice lunch of carrot and butterbean soup, and a piece of toast.
Tonight we are having:
Amy's kitchen macaroni cheese
vegetables, Asparagus and butternut squash
A piece of garlic bread for Vin.


sarah lee said...

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