Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Shops and Coffee!

Yesterday's bread made by Vin. It was a pack of Sourdough bread mix thaat he bought from Tesco to have in for over the Christmas period. With ordering the bread mixes from Lakeland yesterday it reminded him that he had one in stock so he did this in the afternoon. We did the dough in the bread machine which is what we always used to do and then finished it off in the bread tin. Never liked the shape of the loaves that the breadmaker makes so that is a good option. Turned out beautifully, and he had some for toast for breakfast and also with his soup for lunch. Excellent!
We needed some veggies for the week so off we went to Waitrose this morning. We don't go there that often because they are on the expensive side  Cold today, he had to go out and use his de-icer this morning to get the frost off the windscreen. Funny thing is that on FB today one of the girls in Australia was saying how hot it was there, with temperatures of 40degrees. Now that is hot alright.
Anyway, the parking was fine not too busy, and we got round the store quite quickly. They do have some offers on at the moment with half price things so we did stock up on soups etc., nice ones too like Baxters. 
Had our free coffee which wasn't a latte because the machine was broken so it was a nice black one instead. That's ok it was a nice breather anyhw.
Jane rang up at lunchtime her head is full to bursting she says, too many facts and they aren't going in! Oh Dear!.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy
Carrots and broccoli.

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