Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Concierge Service!!

Today waas a day for deliveries. We were waiting for a coal delivery which usually comes by about lunchtime but it didn't today. So Vin gave them a ring and it turns out there was a mistake and the delivery will be on Friday instead.  Never mind. Anyway the parcel from Amazon arrived that we missed yesterday, a DVD to go into John's birthday parcel. Then the doorbell went which we thought was my Lakeland delivery but it was one for our neighbour, FOUR parcels!! today to go with the two yesterday! so today was an odd sort of day. We stop in for deliveries and end up taking in more for  our neighbour than us!
jane rang up after lunch in a bit of a state really. She says that nothing is going into her brain, and her shoulder is hurting her because she is doing so much writing!! Oh dear..just don't know what to say to her. She got her parcel, but she barely mentioned it and whatever we say isn't cheering her up at all. reminds me of her "A" levels..she got into a right stat about those too, and ended up doing ok. We shall have to wait and see!
I was up here most of the morning trying to do a letter to John and Ann. It is quite difficult trying to think of things to say, because we don't exactly lead an interesting life, but do manage somehow. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure exactly..something from the freezermaybe..
Quorn escalopes with bread sauce,
Potato croquettes
Mixed veggies

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