Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Cold and Grey Again!

Yeep, Tuesday ,orning nd grey and cold once more. there is snow in Wales and the Cat and Fiddle road but at this time of the year it is to be expected really. No sign of any snow here yet though!
Started off the day with the doorbell going, it was the Royal Mail with my order from M&S must say that came very quickly, only ordered it the other day. I bought some very nice Christmas cards and a dangly reindeer which is really sweet.. So, that's net year's cards sorted. I have always bought them in the January sales, got £5 boxes for £2 and they were on buy one get one half price too, so a good deal.
Then the phone went, it was Aranesp about my injections and the next delivery date, then the door again which was my Bullens delivery. Busy morning.
Jane rang as we were having our coffee, she had been to Uni to do her poster, but she was tired, didn't get much sleep last night and was tired. She was going to Sainsburys to get some bits then home to have a nap!
Vin went off to Tesco to get a few veggies and other bits. Rang up from the car park to say it was freezing and he was coming home for his coffee. 
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie from Quorn
Either carrots or butternut squash.

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