Monday, 26 January 2015

Little Morning Out!

A little Monday outing today. The weather is still quite mild for this time of the year, no rain or frost or snow as yet. The bulbs are being fooled a bit really, and are already coming up in the barrel at the front of the house. Just hope we don't get some bad weather to caquse trouble for them.
Vin's Robin is still in the baack garden and comes out regularly for feeding. He has a big bag of birdseed and also puts out bits of cheese which they like apparently. It still doesn't quite come onto his hand but he ddoesn't think it will be long. Aaaah.
So, off we went to Dobbies this morning. We had a bit of a look round, and I spotted a new cushion for my sofa so got that later. Nothing much garden wise it's a bit too early.  A few groups in there today, one in the tea room that they have and another in the main part of the cafe part. We had our free coffees for January, Vin had a Latte and I had an Americano, which I always enjoy from there. We take our own biscuits which is a bit cheeky but saves a few pence. Bought my cushion and a pack of the nice little light biscuits that I like and home via Tescos. the plan was t get his car some petrol, he had a 10p a litre off the cost which is a good saving so we did that on the way home. Whilst we were there he nipped into the store to get a few veggies for the week, so we don't have to go out tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with a greek salad for Vin
Poached egg for moi. 

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