Monday, 5 January 2015

Hello Again Blog..Another Year!!

Been a while. Christmas and new year all gone and done and dusted. Spent today taking down the decorations. Three trees and assorted stuff everywhere all goes in boxes and then in the cupboard on the landing or over the wardrobes in the bedroom. vin has a way of tucking everything away really carefully. 
Jane rang this morning, just as we were about to have our coffee. I don't know how she does it, every time she rings up we are either having a meal or having our coffee :)  She had been out shopping to I celand to get some supplies for the week, and she has bought three boxes of crackers, the kind you pull! for 70p at Sainsburys!!  We are hoping to go over to see her on thursday if everything goes to plan.
We had a nice christmas, but quiet. everyone in the row of houses was away so no neighbours, and of course we missed the cats a lot. no little noses waking us up, and no little catty presents to open this year either. 
This was them opening their new collars, we gave them those every year mostly. gone but never forgotten. 
Quite cold here today, I notice on FB that the temperature in perth Ozis 44degrees. Phew, that's a bit hot for us here.  They are very welcome to that. Can't imagine being anywhere that hot, must be very sticky.

Been a bit under the weather a few days last week, another blocking situation, so just catching up from that. Hopefully we can go somewhere maybe tomorrow. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin,  
Poached egg for moi.

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