Monday, 12 January 2015

Grey Monday!!

Quite grey today, not really rainy apart from a bit before lunch, but darkish and gloomy. They say january is one of the worst months.
We stopped in today and did the bedding which was a bit overdue for doing. Vin has done some of his sorting out, financially, and went out when the weather picked up to chop up some of the firewood that he brought homje yesterday. 
Jane rang up while we were having our morning coffee. I don't know how she does it, she always rings up when we are having our coffee or when we are having our lunch! never mind, I'm just glad she rings up. She had been for her appointment at the eye hospital, and was then going to the poundshop to get some bits. She was thrilled to beits to get some mis shapes jelly beans Big Kid!!
Otherwise not much doing today, very quiet.
Tonight we are having:
pizza for vin with salad and pasta salad.
Maybe a poached egg for moi

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