Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Yep a little outing! We were planning to go over to Aintree hospital for my blood test today. They have sent letters with the forms in so we went off there today. Nice journey, no traffic and we made good time. one of the benefits of going there is that you don't have an appointment to keep, so you turn up and hope for the best that there isn't a queue. 
well today there wasn't. no parking in the drop off point so I went up on my own while Vin went to park the car. However, when I got up there it was just one man waiting and I went straight in to have my blood taken by a nice girl with the same name as me. We had a bit of a conversation about our names and then I was done..double quick.
Went out then and phoned Vin who said he would be outside so by the time i got down he was there. No parking fee which is always a bonus!
Off we went to M&S in Aintree, had a little look round and went straight up for coffees. Surprisingly busy up there today, I thought it would be quiet, mind you it was getting up to lunchtime by then, and they put the barrier up after we had gone in.  We both had very nice Americanos, with a little biscuit and a shortbread that we had bought.
Down to the Food Hall, picking up a small milk pan on the way to pay for in the FH. had a bit of a look there and got some good offers including a really nice broccoli and stilton soup that we had later for our lunch.Some ground coffee that we like and shortbreads on a two for price. Then home by half past one. Good outing and I quite enjoyed that.
Oh by the way I got my cheque for £1001 this morning from the Chat magazine for winning a crossword!! Wouldn't mind one of those every week!!
Tonight we are having:
pasta with a cheese sauce,
Butternut squash and carrots
A bit of garlic bread for Vin. 

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