Friday, 16 January 2015

All Change!!

Me again..I o5rdered a jumper from the Bon Marche online site which was a nice fluffy tinsel one from the David Emmanuel collection. When it came I wasn't entirely pleased with it, thought it was a bit dark looking and also a little bit scratchy, so had decided to take it back.
 Of course the bonus is that we can always  go for a Costa coffee in Maghull at the same time so that is a bit of a bonus for Vin..and me!
Parked in the town square which was free too.. always a bonus too, and I went to change my jumper. Didn't bother having much of a look round because I have already ordered another from them, so just did a quick return. Never any problem with that which is good.
 Then went and sat in the car for a bit because I was tired today for some reason, had a breather, then just as it started to sleety rain we went over to the Costa. Quite busy in there, must be the weather! Vin got a Caramello and I had a medio Latte..not a skinny one because he said I didn't ask for one!! He should know these things!!! Had a nice little breather and people watched a bit which is always interesting! Home just in time to answer the phone to Jane.  She had been to Uni for an appointment which went well, and was going into Iceland to get some stuff to keep her going. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure exactly today. Something from the freezer,
Veggies that we have left over.

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