Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Eye Eye!!

Today started with my eye appointment. Only trouble was it was at 9.30 in litherland, so that meant we had to be up very early this morning. Out by nine this morning, and off to Litherland Centre.  Quite quiet at that time of the day because you beat the rush hour. 
Got there on time, went in straightaway and the girl did my eye test on each eye, then put some drops in. very stingy today too for some reason, they don't usualy bother me. then had to wait outside for them to work, takes about a quarter of an hour and go back in. She takes pictures of each eye with the camera machine and job done. Off we go. Done and dusted nice and early, so we decided to go over the way to the garden centre to see if they had any Christmas cards in the sales. They didn't, what they had was rubbish, so we decided since it was so early we would go to Dobbies to see what they had. Nothing there either, no cards at all. For the first year in an absolute age I haven't got any next year's Christmas cards!!!
Oh well i shall have to buy some expensive ones next year!
However we did get our free coffees for the month, and I had an Americano and Vin had a flat white which he said was lovely, nice and strong.  I had a fairly large one so he went off to have a bit of a look round but didn't buy anything. All we came out with was a pack of biscuits.!!
Tonight we are having:
Not sure exactly, might do a pasta.
veggies to go with.

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