Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Jenny Nine Toes!!

In today..bedding day so that was stripped and washed and bed remade with another set. Vin spent a lot of time in the garden this morning scraping the flags and getting the moss off. he said he filled two coal bags of green bin stuff before he finished. The green bin isn't actually being emptied till March! I suppose the thinking behind that is that there isn't much garden waste at the moment.
I did my tootsies today. They are ready for the Chiropody appointment really which is next week, so I took off the old nail varnish and put some Nail Envy on them. Terrific product, it strengthens the nails and helps them grow. So, did toes and fingers at the same time.
Jane rang up just before lunch..first time since Thursday!! As we suspected she has been sulking..God knows why. She gets herself into a right state over exams, said she had a bad migraine last Thursday and couldn't do the exam properly!!  Grrr.,
Apart from that not much doing in the house today, one delivery and one phone call that's it.
Tonight we are having:
Little toads in the hole with quorn sausages
Potato croquettes
Carrots and swede mashed.

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