Friday, 23 January 2015

Twas On A Friday Morning...

The coalman came to call!  We stopped in today  mainly because the coal that should have cme on Tuesday but didn't was due today. he actually came about two o'clock and brought 4 bags at £18 a bag! not cheap, but we do get the smokeless stuff which is dearer, and we do have the £200 heating allowance so that helps.
 We got a delivery from Lakeland the other day with quite a few bread mixes in it so Vin decided to do one of the Sourdough mixes using the bread machine again and finishing it off in the oven in an ordinary loaf tin. Works beautifully. This Sourdough mix makes a large loaf which rises to the top of the tin and as a bonus makes the house smell wonderful. I can smell it baking upstairs as soon as it goes in the oven gorgeous. He is getting good at judgng the bread these days too, knows when to put it in the oven and how long to keep it in for ..must be all my good training over the years!

The other thing we did today was to send John's parcel. Vin wrapped the DVD and the book we bought yesterday, we did his card and he went off to post it. £7 postage...getting quite expensive, and the things were only light too. Ah well he's worth it.
Nice coffees at about half past twelve, Vin had one of his own making and I had a Kenco crema. Lovely break, that coffee machine was certainly a good buy.
No news from Jane yet..not a good sign, usually means she is stressed. Oh Dear!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn crispy fillets,
Chips 200 grms
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for me. 
Might have sausage rolls instead, depends what we fancy later

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