Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My Treat!!

Yesterday we decided to go out today. We didn't urgently need any shopping because we are quite well stocked up and we awoke this morning to blowing wind and what looked like rain approaching, so it would have to be inside somewhere.
Since Vin had some cards from Cafe Nero we decided to go there There is one in Formby, but we tend to get a free coffee from Waitrose when we go there so never go to the Nero. Vin does the Daily mail points entry each day and then he build up points to get cards. He's had Costa ones, M&S ones and Cafe Nero ones. So, we tend to use them for our coffees out.
Parked in the car park right behind and walked through to the shops. I nipped along to Superdrug and he went to the hardware shop first as we were a bit early, I got what I wanted, Vin didn't he was looking for a brush head for the patio. Then back to the coffee shop which was nicely empty tables everywhere, so we sat at the back on a nice bench seat. Vin had a White Chocolate Mocha as a treat, and I had a Skinny Latte. Must say his looked really decadent, it had a very nice looking swirl of whipped cream topping which I pinched a bit of!!Shared a pack of shortbread biscuits. He used one of the cards and paid the extra which is why he said it was "his treat". Aaaah bless him! Spent a lovely half hour or more in there, lovely and quiet, much quieter than Costa.  i think Cafe Nero is more of a treat for us actually.

We did go into Waitrose on the way home because we needed some more soup, but unfortunately the baxters half prioce offer had finished so we got another make instead, very nice too we had it later for our lunch. We were looking to spend a fiver to get a free paper but spent more than that in the end, saw some things that we could use.
Home to a really nasty hailstorm type rainstorm, horrible, and as I type this it is just starting again. definite change in the weather today, so far it has been really mild but it is colder today. Batten up the hatches tomorrow, and stop in.
Tonight we are having:
Mozzarella and pesto escalope,
Potatoes of some sort
A pack of mixed vegetables with a cheese sauce
Cranberry sauce.

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