Monday, 19 January 2015


Didn't go out today, mainly beause we didn't actualy plan to. Vin went out to feed his Robin quite earlyish, and he says it is coming towards him.Aaah, they are sweet little birds. 
Did a bit of ironing to finish off the bedding this morning too, and placed an order online for Lakeland. we had tried to do this yesterday but had terrible trouble getting on the site. We did the order ok but culdn't get the password to apply!!! What a performance! Apparently if you haven't been online with them for a whiloe you need to reset the password, but it didn't work anyway.So, this morning we eventually got the reset email and did that and got the order done. Some firms do make it hard for themselves. Others a doddle!
Got a lovely letter from John and Ann, so I must start one to go with John's birthday parcel. It sounds like they are really having the heat there 40 degrees! OMG can't even begin to imagine that sort of heat. i don't think we could put up with that here, we would melt.
Vin made a loaf of Sourdough bread in the bread machine today as well, it is such a long time since we used the bread machine, it is nice to get it going again. The smell of baking bread is gorgeous. I can smell it cooking up here in the middle room. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin, with a cous cous salad to go with
Maybe an egg on toast for moi.

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