Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Rusty Day Today...

Very autumny day today. Quite a lot of leaves outside, and a sunny but cold day. At least I think it is cold, but then I am always cold!! Vin is lucky, he doesn't seem to feel the cold, very hardy .
Little Rusty's eye and nose were in need of attention. Vin looks after her every day (and night sometimes) but it was looking like she needed to go to the vets again, so he made an appointment for this afternoon at three thirty. 
Of course, at three o'clock when it was time to put her in the basket, she had gone into her hole and gone to sleep. Typical. I'm sure cats know when they are going to the vets. Both Bobby and Rusty used to run and hide when they saw the cat baskets appear. Rusty usually right in the corner of the coffee table where you couldn't reach her. Little minx!
Anyway he got her in the basket and off we went to Ormskirk to our vets. It is a bit of a trek and takes about half an hour, but we have been going there for years, since we got a cat from the cat rescue place in Ormskirk. Rusty is usually seen by Tim who is really good with her, he gave her a good look over, she has lost about 50grms which is good, and she is holding her own.So he gave her the antibiotic injection and some thyroid tablets that we have been giving her for years, and off we went. We were door to door travel in just under the hour. Done and dusted for another few months.

Tonight we are having:
Maybe a cottage pie with gravy,
A few mushrooms for Vin,
butternut squash.

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