Wednesday, 10 September 2014

%20 Day!!

Well I had a twenty per cent offer burning a hole in my subconcious for a few days so it was over to Maghull to the Bon marche to see what they had. Vin wanted to get a few things from various shops so that was ok. 
Absolutely gorgeous day today, sun shunung and very warm. I went out in my light coat, but if I had known how warm it was I wouldn't have bothered. You just can't tell these days!  The air conditioning in Vin's new car is proving to be really good.
So, over to Maghull this morning. Parked in the centre and I went into BM first. had a good look round and eventually settled on a pair of trousers in navy that I know fit, and yet another pair of slippers that I hope will last a bit longer than the ones that I have been using. When I got to the counter the girl said that the trousers that I had were on a two for £22 offer but I didn't want two pairs. She said you can mix and match with the tops on those tables so I went over and saw a top that I really liked. So got that, excellent value. Plus everything fits from there.
Went from there to Superdrug, and got my spare nail varnish and remover, and cotton buds etc.,  Then out. I was wilting a bit by this time probably because of the weather, so Vin went and got me a lucozade which works quickly. When that had worked we walked to the Costa and got our coffees. Vin had a soy milk latte and I had an Americano which is my favourite. Shared a lovely little bag of little biscuits. 
Home in time for lunch. Jane rang up while we were having our lunch on her way home from Uni. She had been for a training session which was supposed to be two hours but ended up being 45 mins. They still get the two hours pay though so she wasn't complaining. She said she had a good night's sleep last night, went to bed at half past eight and didn't wake up till half past seven this morning. She needed that so it was a good thing. Poor kid works so hard. I'm really proud of her.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce,
Garlic bread for Vin,
Butternut squash.

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