Thursday, 4 September 2014

Rusty's Little Adventure!!

Today our little Rusty had somewhat of an adventure. Vin was in the garden this morning after we had our coffee doing a bit of gardening. The back door was open because he was putting some stuff out, and he noticed that Rusty wasn't there. So off he went in search of her, she had gone down the entry at the back of the house, and along a bit and passed one of the chaps doing a bit of painting. he said she had gone into the house and was in the garden now. So vin scooped her up, and brought her home. Little minx! I like that spark she has.
Started today with the ironing, I didn't want to leave it all weekend looking at us and we are out tomorrow to get the weekend things, so today it was. Took my time, but got it done in the end. Vin played concierge again! one parcel fo5r moi and one for next door. That seems to be shoes, she sent one pair back last week, now has ordered three pairs more!! Woman after my own heart. 
Bit of a looksee online after that, then our coffee outside. Really lovely today, bright and sunny and quite warm, warmer in fact than it has been for a while. Vin had an Americano and I had a cafe Crema. Mmmm!
Vin went back to his gardening, and I went back to my puter bits and bobs. 
No word from our Jane, but I was expecting that because she will be in a state about her resit exam this afternoon at 4.30. God, I have everything crossed for her. D hope she passes this one, it is a practical, and is about taking x-rays of various bits of the body.She has worked so hard poor kid, I really hope that her hard work pays off. XXXX
Tonight we are having:
Some sort of Quorn fillet, maybe crispy
Baby potatoes sliced and fried,
veggies left over,
Some sort of sauce.

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