Wednesday, 3 September 2014


No not moi phew! but the bedding. Mainly because we had an appointment at the chiropodist yesterday so we couldn't do it, it had to be done today. So it was strip the bed to start with this morning and get the load on. Hopefully the weather will stay at least nice to hang them on the line. been a bit dodgy throughout, but it is lovely and sunny now as I type this.
big go back to school day for the kiddiwinks today, lots of pics on line of proud parents showing their offspring in their new school uniforms. Seems only yesterday that our jane was standing in her St. Mary's uniform, 31 now and it still seems so close. She isn't at work today so won't ring up probably, do hope her exam goes well tomorrow.
Nice macchiato's in the garden this morning. not exactly sunny but quite pleasant. I happened to mention that the hedge between us and next door was getting long, so when we had done Vin set about it with the clippers and trimmed it right back. Well done Vin. XXX
Really really quiet today. no post at all and no phone calls either. Not even call centre ones or solar heating or replace the gas boiler ones. it is unusual that The worst ones are the ones that ask for you by name..first name that is..and then hang up when you won't answer their questions. very rude!!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with a tomato and mascarpone sauce, 
Asparagus and some broccoli
A focaccia bread for Vin.

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