Tuesday, 16 September 2014


It should be Dobbies really, but I always think that it looks like Dobbles so that is what it is. Anyway, that was our destination for the day today. We had a few things to top up, and it is a lovely day plus the bonus of our free coffees so off we went.
had a mooch round when we got there for a bit. Horrors!! All their Christmas things are out. Cards decorations, trees, everything. It is after all the beginning of September..well the 16th. Far far too early. just puts you off. We haven't had Halloween or bonfire night yet either. Gosh it must be horrible to work in a shop..all of that to put out, it's all such fiddly stuff too. 
I spotted a couple of things I wanted to get so kept them in mind and went for our coffees. Sat on a table by the open door..it was lovely and sunny, but a bit bright for sitting outside for me anyway, vin probably would have.  Very nice coffees too, i had my Americano, and Vin had a flat white, with a bit of a top up from mine because his was a smallish one. Sat there people watching for a bit then went off to get our things. I had seen some nice letters that I wanted to get John and Ann to go into their Christmas parcel! I know but I like to be prepared for them. Then to the food hall, where we picked up some other things that we like and can only get from there. Did quite well today, they had everything that we wanted.
Home by lunchtime after a very nice morning.
Tomorrow will be a doing day!
tonight we are having:
mushroom and garlic escalope,
potato croquettes
Baby carrots
Some sort of sauce..not sure what yet.

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